Gabbie Kassis is a professional personal trainer who serves Morgantown and its surrounding areas through her training classes at Pro Performance RX, a Morgantown-based sports training and fitness center with locations in both the Suncrest Town Centre and Mylan Park in Morgantown.

All of Gabbie's personal training sessions are developed to help the client achieve the goal or goals that they want to personally achieve in fitness. She is a firm believer that "hard work pays off", so as each client pushes himself or herself harder in training, Gabbie is there to guide each class member every step of the way.

Gabbie's interest in sports training began at an early age. Through the years, she has gained insights that have allowed her to build each of

her programs in a way that is tailored for each individual athlete. Whether it is agility, foot speed, vertical jump, strength or hand eye coordination, every component is a necessity for peak performance.

Gabbie describes her training style by highlighting and focusing on mental toughness. Since the mind controls the body's every action, the more effort that is expended mentally, the better results each individual can personally achieve.

Currently, Gabbie is teaching a Boot Camp class that consists of high-intensity interval training. The classes last about an hour, and in that time, the group will complete a total body workout that will leave each member feeling exhausted and accomplished.